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Creating Wealth

Joan March 26, 2018
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Quote: In today’s economy it’s virtually impossible to save your way to financial prosperity

How do we create wealth? If we have to have a look at a broad spectrum on a general chart on wealth, one sees that the wealthiest are those that are Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Millions of entrepreneurial people globally are choosing network marketing as the vehicle to attain success and wealth. They choose a Company whose products they love, and often want to purchase at discount. Some decide to share the products with friends and family, and before they know it they are earning commissions and a business is born. Successful members then continue to build a network of distributors and become Independent Business Owners. The AIM Companies™ offers members the opportunity to improve the productivity of people’s lives by promoting the highest principles of free enterprise.

WHY Network Marketing?

  • There are currently more than 1000 network marketing companies! Worldwide sales are increasing with approximately 25% per year and in 2016 total sales were more than $178 billion.
  • The network marketing profession has approximately over 100 million people at present.

Chrysalis Tip

Build your own fortune, not somebody else’s. It is your business, so you own your assets. You are not an employee, you are a Business Owner. Look at the picture below:

Action Plan

So which lifestyle do you choose?

You can give away opportunity, you cannot give away success! Each person’s success must be a result of his/her dreams, commitments, struggles, and victories. There is no place where this is more true than in the “Healthy Business Opportunity” with AIM. You have an open door to share this opportunity with others. Build relationships, journey with them towards attaining better health and wealth.