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Your Guide To Health Evaluations

Joan March 26, 2018
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How do you evaluate your wellness? How do you know when you need to use a supplement? How do you know which type of supplement to use?

We have chosen to organize the body systems into 8 different compartments, which include a category for overall health, concerns unique to women, men and seniors, and general lifestyle.

A body system is a group of tissues and organs that work together to manage specific body functions, which in turn control certain aspects of our health.

For example, the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver and intestines form the digestive system. This system absorbs nutrients from the food we ingest and helps convert it into energy.

How these systems function both independently and synergistically, determines our health.

Learning how to support these systems through lifestyle choices and supplementation. This is the key to finding solutions to health concerns and living well.

These Health Evaluations will help you get started when you are not quite sure which AIM products to use, or recommend to Members or customers.

Go through the following questionnaires as a guide to make recommendations on products which could support healthy body systems.

The questionnaires will give you a fair indication of your health as it relates to that specific system.

Let’s get started!