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Understanding The Healthy Cell Concept™

Joan March 26, 2018
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We are given the miraculous gift of ‘LIFE.’ Our body is comprised of trillions of cells. You have been created unique, only you have your own set of DNA that is totally unique to you. Life begins, is maintained and ends at cellular level. Cells are the basic structural and functional units of an organism. The next higher level of structural organization is the tissue level, then the organ level and finally the system level. When given the necessary components of The Healthy Cell Concept™ our body can maintain a perfect balance of health and wellness. Each cell:

  • Consumes Fuel (nutrition, water etc)
  • Produces energy (physical)
  • Eliminates waste (cleansing)

The principle behind the most optimal interaction of life and health in context of the cell lies in the principle of The Healthy Cell Concept™ :

Cell Food (by Lere Robinson)

Supplying Healthy Cell food (How and with what you feed your body)

Healthy mental attitude: (by Ralph Peterson)

Nurturing a healthy mental attitude (How you feed and condition your mind)

Cell Exercise (by Cathy McCrea)

Implementing Cell Exercise (Physical activity)

Cell Protection (by Mary-Ann Shearer)

Cell protection (Building your defenses against internal and external invaders)

Cell Environment (by Charlie Brown)

Guarding against Cell environment (External influences that we are exposed to like harsh sunlight, inhaling 2nd hand smoke, other poisons etc.)

We know you were inspired and motivated by meeting the 5 leaders on the video who shared their expertise with you.

Chrysalis Tip

Consider inviting a few friends or even family members around and share the videos with them. Hearing other leaders present and share their stories and expertise, is a huge motivation to encourage yourself and others to ‘get started’ on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Growing together and achieving results is so much more meaningful when it is done together.

As we now move on to Section 4 we will gain a better understanding of the vehicle of network marketing.

Action Plan

What did you learn from each presenter? Did they share information with you that has created awareness of where you can apply certain principles to improve your overall health at cellular level?

Are you taking the AIM products that will protect you and your family from our environment’s pollution? Like Proancynol 2000? Are you using the Garden Trio to nourish your cells? Are you working on positive thoughts to improve your mental attitude? Are you exercising regularly? Are you exposing yourself to an environment that can improve your health?