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Fast Facts about The AIM Companies™

Joan March 26, 2018
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The company has been operating successfully since 1982

Debt free

Has paid out over $600 Million in commission earnings

The AIM Companies™ combines opportunity for personal wealth with a historic precedent of success and reputation for excellence

The AIM Companies™ is the leader in whole food supplements

The AIM Companies™ has a wonderful support system operating in 6 countries

The AIM Companies™ has 27 products in their product portfolio that covers whole body health

The AIM Companies™ has over tens of thousands of members worldwide

The flagship product is BarleyLife

The AIM Companies™ has a fulltime Biologist and Quality Assurance Manager that continuously does testing and research on all AIM products

The AIM Companies™ is actively involved from the grain of the seed to the harvesting of end product

The AIM Companies™ head office is in Nampa, Idaho and employs over 40 corporate staff

Many of The AIM Companies™ products are certified gluten free, vegan friendly and our sport approved products contain no substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency