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Wealth with The AIM Companies™

Joan March 26, 2018
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The Healthy Business Opportunity

Millions of entrepreneurial people globally are choosing network marketing as the vehicle to attain success and wealth. They choose a Company whose products they love, and often want to purchase at discount. Some decide to share the products with friends and family, and before they know it they are earning commissions and a business is born. Successful members then continue to build a network of distributors, earn a residual income, climb the ladder of opportunity and are able to leave behind a legacy for their children or family members.

Chrysalis Tip

Start where you are. Build from there. You don’t have to have any special qualifications or expertise in any given subject. Just be you, and live your passion. Build your own network!

The AIM Companies™ Opportunity begins here!

AIM offers a flexible and generous income plan that rewards you for sharing AIM’s wholefood concentrates and nutritional products.

The AIM Companies™ Network Marketing Compensation Plan is actually so easy to understand.

By becoming an AIM member and using the products, you can then share the products with others, sponsor them, and earn commissions from the purchases that you and those you sponsor make each month.

You can now tap into the phenomenal power of The AIM Companies™ Opportunity!

Let us now take a look at the following video explaining how you can advance from AIM Wholesale Member to Aim Director.


The videos you have just viewed give you a very basic idea of the AIM Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan. In Module 2 we will be delving deeper into how to build a successful AIM Business.

Chrysalis Tip

If you are just a Wholesale Member, or if you have Wholesale Members in your team, set a goal to get to Preferred Member over the next three months. This is very easy to achieve and can be accomplished by just sharing the products with friends and family. As a preferred Member you are now able to start earning commissions, and a percentage back on your own orders.

Action Plan

Did you notice that as soon as you get a wholesale number you are now able to start earning commissions? Study the whole compensation plan and set a goal to get to the next level and move up the ladder of opportunity.