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The AIM Companies™ Culture

Joan March 26, 2018
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The word culture is originally derived from the Latin ‘colere’, which means to tend to the earth, grow, cultivate and nurture. The Aim Group of Companies have 4 main culture characteristics:

  • Vested in wholesome family nutrition
  • Nurturing good lifestyle habits
  • Educating on better health & lifestyle choices
  • Creating wealth opportunities

Chrysalis Tip

Build on a solid foundation, plant seeds, nourish and nurture them and then reap the rewards of watching them grow to bear good fruit, changing the lives of people around the world, by improving both their health and wellness.

Action Plan

What stands out for you that makes The AIM Companies™ culture unique?

Focus on becoming aware of the fact that we often meet like minded individuals in our daily lives who would appreciate and want to be a part of this culture. Invite them to take a look at The AIM Companies.

In 1982 The AIM Companies™ had a free-enterprise vision of helping people achieve health and wealth through life changing nutritional products and an entrepreneurial spirit.

In Topic 3 we take a quick look at some fast facts about The AIM Companies.